Joanna Czadowska

POV BERLIN - Pitch for Live Nation. Production: 4U2C. Direction/animation/illustration: Joanna Czadowska

FACING NOTHINGNESS – Mtl’s international mapping festival, MAPP_MTL.

Direction/animation/illustration: Joanna Czadowska 

JOYEUSES FÊTES! – Christmas card. Production: Normal studio. Direction/anim/illu: Joanna Czadowska

LES AVENTUROLECTORS - Digital mural for Bibliothèque Multiculturelle de Laval. Client: MAPP_MTL. Direction/animation/illustration: Joanna Czadowska

THE MAGICIAN – Experimental short. Cast: Sophie Montmagny. Direction/animation: Joanna Czadowska Production: Normal studio

DADA DANCE – Multiscreen projection for FNC’s opening night. Production: Festival du Nouveau Cinéma. Direction/animation/illustration: Joanna Czadowska

MASKINS – Experimental short. Production: Normal studio. Direction/anim/illustration: Joanna Czadowska

NOUS – Music video for Eric Bélanger. Storyboard/Production: Kartel Film & Buck Creatives.

Animation/ illustration: Joanna Czadowska. Original music: Eric Bélanger "Banana Spleen" album

MAN WITH THE VIOLIN – Live show at Kennedy Center. Production: Normal studio.

Direction: Joanna Czadowska. Illustration: Dusan Petricic

SUSPENDED TIME – Short film. Direction/animation/illustration: Joanna Czadowska

THE WICKED WITCH'S TALES OF SPELLS – Short film. Direction/animation/illustration/cast: Joanna Czadowska. Camera/ D.O.P.: Christian Pomerleau. Music: “Castle on the Hill” by Danny Elfman.

QUANTUM TRAVEL - Short film. Direction/motion design/post prod: Joanna Czadowska. Camera: Christian Pomerleau. Music: "God from the machine" by Santigold. Production: Moment Factory "Minute moments" 

BRIDGERTON – Video wall for the Carousel pop up shop @ Bloomingdale’s NYC. Production: Float 4

Animation/illustration: Joanna Czadowska

GOGO VISION – Advertisement for Gogo business aviation. Production: Artifex Animation studios

Motion design: Joanna Czadowska 

GOGO TRAILER – Advertisement for Gogo business aviation. Production: Artifex Animation studios

Motion design: Joanna Czadowska

CHAINSMOKERS AT FREEMONT LAS VEGAS – Canopy projection. Production: 4U2C Cirque du Soleil.

Direction: Joanna Czadowska

BOOMTOWN EN LUMIÈRE – Mapping on the church of Malartic city. Production: Normal studio

Direction: Joanna Czadowska 

ALICE – Advertisement for t-shirt collection. Production: Fuse & Fly shop

Direction/animation/illustration: Joanna Czadowska


Ziggy the rabbit was a self initiated AR character, created for the MURAL festival, holding their logo. The character traveled from station to station, visiting murals, back alleys and the hot spots of Montreal's Saint Laurent Boulevard, during MURAL festival, 2023.

Black sorceress & surf panther were augmented reality experiences, initiated in Punta Cana, DR.