Joanna Czadowska

Demo Reel 2020

Creating animated worlds for scenography, performing arts, architectural projections, immersive environments & music videos

The Man with the Violin

An animated adaptation of the book by Kathy Stinson: "The Man with the Violin". The live multi screen-projection took place at the Kennedy Center, in Washington during the concert of the famous violist Joshua Bell and the National Symphony orchestra. The original score was composed by oscar-winning Anne Dudley (Art of noise). Most of the characters and backgrounds were redesigned and adapted for animation, but the aesthetic and style stayed true to Dusan Petricic's illustrations.

Visual production & scenography: Normal studio

Direction: Joanna Czadowska

Design & animation: Joanna Czadowska, Max Roux

Original score: Anne Dudley

Music: Joshua Bell & National Symphony orchestra

Client: John F. Kennedy Center, National art center

Dada dancers – trailer – FNC

"Dada dancers" trailer created for the opening of the FNC. Collages of characters patterns and old footage, assembled in a spontaneous way, recalling automatism and surrealism, highlighting the 100th anniversary of the Dada movement.

Illustration, animation, direction: Joanna Czadowska

Production: Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

Music: Laurie Anderson

FNC's opening night

Montage of the "Dada dancers" projected on multiple screens, at the opening night of the FNC, highlighting the 100th anniversary of the Dada movement.

Direction, illustration, animation,: Joanna Czadowska

Production: Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

Music: Laurie Anderson


Mood piece exploring black and white textures, patterns and masks.

Direction, illustration, animation, : Joanna Czadowska

Production: Normal studio

Music: Venus Fly excerpt by Grimes

Quantum Travel

"Quantum Travel" is a mood piece, a glimpse into a mysterious ride through parallel worlds. It is inspired by Santigold's song "God from the machine". The accelerated whisper is a voice recorded reciting a poem by Philip Lamantia: "the feast of our hearts on fire, the nerves supplying spice, blood cursing a glow of insects, our eyes the dahlias of torrential ignition." The video combines cut-out animation, live footage, photos and graphics from the book "The Tao of Physics"; diagrams of energy patterns and interacting particles. "Quantum Travel" was part of the monthly event "Minute moments" at Moment Factory.

Direction/Illustration/Animation/Compositing: Joanna Czadowska

Camera: Christian Pomerleau

Music: "God from the machine" by Santigold

The Wicked Witches' Tales of Spells

Trailer introduction to the book of magic and spells.

Direction/Design/Animation/Compositing: Joanna Czadowska

Camera, D.O.P.: Christian Pomerleau

Music: “Castle on the Hill” by Danny Elfman

Cast: Joanna Czadowska


Videoclip created for the song Nous, composed by Eric Belanger, featuring on his 2008 album "Banana Spleen"

Illustration/Animation/Direction: Joanna Czadowska

Storyboard/Post-production: Kartel Film

Production: Buck Creatives

Original music: Eric Bélanger

Suspended Time

"Suspended Time" visits Trimurti, the three-headed hindu god. Between Brahma and Siva is Visnu, the preserver, as between past and future is the present. Visnu is the one outside of time – it is transcendence and eternity; the continuum, the experience of the present that we call "now".

Illustration/Animation/Direction: Joanna Czadowska

Music: Danny Elfman