Rock & Rose

ROCK&ROSE – 13 covers illustrated for the teen-graphic novel, written by Marie-Hélène Poitras, published by Courte Échelle. Each episode contains a 2-page comic strip.
Juliette and Simone are two 16 year-olds, with dreams, determination and a bit of naivete. The mysterious Simone wants to become a guitarist and make it in the rock world. Juliette, the extrovert, dreams of instant fame. A story of friendship and coming of age experiences.

Text: Marie-Hélene Poitras
Illustrations: Joanna Czadowska
Artistic direction: Jean-François Lejeune
Client: Les Éditions de la Courte Echelle

Books are available in Quebec (Renaud-BrayArchambault) and France (Librairies Dialogues)

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