Quantum Travel

Direction: Joanna Czadowska
Illustration/Animation: Joanna Czadowska

Camera: Christian Pomerleau
Music: Santigold ”God from the machine”

“Quantum travel” is a mood piece, a glimpse into a mysterious ride through parallel worlds. It is inspired by Santigold’s song “God from the machine”, which I cut and edited. The accelerated whisper effect added over, is my voice reciting a poem by by Philip Lamantia: “the feast of our hearts on fire, the nerves supplying spice, blood coursing a glow of insects, our eyes the dahlias of torrential ignition”. The video combines traditional animation, live footage, photos and graphics that I took from the book “Tao of Physics”, they are diagrams of energy patterns and interacting particles. “Quantum travel” was part of the monthly event “Les Minutes”, in March 2013

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