Cirque du Soleil’s One Night for One Drop

”Africa” and ”Carnival” two scenes part of the show ”One night for One drop”, an original full-size production featuring 237 Cirque du Soleil artists and guest performers, that took place at the O Theatre, in Las Vegas, on March 22nd, 2013, World Water day. The show was composed of 22 acts, celebrating the earth and highlighting water as the essence of life, an hour of visual content was created and projected on 5 screens.
The ”Africa” act starts with a growing Baobab made of particles, mapped on a veggie curtain, the patterns on side and wall screens were created out of single vector elements.
The ”Carnival” act starts with growing plants building a jungle which turns into a surreal environment with graphic elements and filmed characters inspired by the Rio Carnival. 

Agency: Moment Factory
Multimedia direction: Johnny Ranger
Design, Animation: Joanna Czadowska
Performance: Cirque du Soleil
Production: Cirque du Soleil One Drop foundation

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